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Video Library

Health education video library for Public

Opening Hours

Doorasth Chikitsa Kendra AIIMS Bhopal

  • Monday - Friday
    10.00 am - 5.00 pm
  • Saturday
    10.00 am - 2.00 pm
  • Doorasth Chikitsa Kendra


Patients can book their appointment through Online Reservation System.


Our Services

Medical Education for Health Professional

Imparting knowledge to the health professionals, medical/ paramedical staff involved in the healthcare services.

 Specialist Tele follow up Clinics

Speciality medical advice for follow-up patients without having to wait in long hospital queue.

Health Education Promotion for Public

A collection of videos and animations developed in AIIMS Bhopal promoting Health Education for public.

Research in TeleMedicine

Working towards Infrastructure Development,Process Improvement and quality assurance for making Telemedicine a viable option in India.

Doorasth Chikitsa Kendra

A voice based Tele-Health call centre running on a Toll-Free no. where Health care professional trained in telephone triaging provide advice to the caller's.

ISRO TeleMedicine Network

Audio, video, and data are shared between a patient and physician for the purpose of rendering a diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan.

Daily Activity/Tele-Session Information & News

                  TeleMedicine Roster/Schedule

Dates: 28th January 2020

Activity: Tele-Education (Every Tuesday)

Speciality: Dept of Orthopedics

Topic: GCT Pathology & Management, New-Delhi

Presenting Center: AIIMS,Delhi

Participating Center: AIIMS,Bhopal

Time:   8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Venue: 2nd Floor TeleMedicine Centre, Medical College            Building AIIMS Bhopal
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                                 Telemedicine News

Download Programs/Statistics/Feedback


Users can download Activity Rosters/Schedules/ Requisition Forms/ User Manual and other informations.

Data Statistics

Data in statistical manner to look after ongoing and previous count of consultaion, education, and follow-ups.


Users can share their feedbacks with us through this section.