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Medical Education for Health Professional

AIIMS Bhopal Telemedicine Centre is conducting regular Tele-education session for its faculty members and staffs. Utilising the wide network of institutes of National important AIIMS Bhopal Telemedicine Centre strives to commit itself for continuous progress in education which can be translated into better patient care and healthy society.The development of the process of distance education (regulated or unregulated), based on the use of information and telecommunication technologies, that make interactive, flexible and accessible learning possible for any potential recipient. We are a part of following medical tele-education networks :

1. National Medical College Network (NMCN) – Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India is implementing a green field project on ehealth including Telemedicine on National Medical College Network (NMCN) for interlinking the Medical Colleges across the country with the purpose of e-Education and National Rural Telemedicine Network for e-Healthcare delivery. Considerable amount of effort has already been undertaken to give a shape to the project. Locations for the National Resource Centers and Regional Resource Centers for NMCN have been defined. and the medical colleges to be linked to these five regional centers have also been worked out. Communication from MOHFW had been sent to all the states and UTs to provide the list of medical colleges to be networked and nominate a faculty member from each medical college as Nodal Officer for Telemedicine. High speed optic fiber based internet bandwidth been deployed under National Knowledge Network Project in as many as 150 medical colleges around the country. Many Medical Institutions have migrated to NKN backbone to enhance their capacity of telemedicine activity using telemedicine platform deployed by Central and State government agencies.

The list of 50 Medical Colleges shortlisted under 1st phase of NMCN are as follows:

Sources : www.nmcn.in

2. ISRO Tele-Education Network - To supplement the curriculum-based teaching, imparting effective teacher training, providing access to quality resource persons and new technologies, thus finally resulting in taking education to every nook and corner of India. EDUSAT provided connectivity to schools, colleges and higher levels of education and also supported non-formal education including development communication.

3. One-To-One Tele-Guest Lecture - Telemedicine Centre AIIMS Bhopal has started routine guest lecture through the video conferencing facilities by eminent teachers, clinicians and scientist from National Important institutes across the country to improve the inter institutional interaction, patient care and medical education in 2016.

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