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ISRO TeleMedicine Network

Telemedicine Centre where an ISRO Telemedicine Satellite unit is installed which is worked in store-and-forward mode or in asynchronous mode and involves for acquiring medical data i.e medical history of patients, images, etc. and then transmitting this data from district hospital to Super-specialist hospital at convenient time and later for assessment offline. Under this unit, ISRO provided necessary technical guideline and equipment for establishing the centre.

The AIIMS Bhopal ISRO telemedicine node consists of a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT System), Video conferencing equipment with terrestrial support of up to 128 Kbps of bandwidth and linked via INSAT satellites with 3 State Medical Colleges and 14 district hospitals earlier. However, the tele-consultation facility can be taken from any one of nodes (Super Specialty or District Hospital) which have the setup across the country.

1. Continuous Medical Education & Clinical Grand Round: For health professionals and special medical education seminars for individuals and groups used for conducting community development programs and imparting knowledge to the medical/ paramedical staff involved in the delivery of healthcare services.

2. Patient Consultations: Audio, video, and data are shared between a patient and physician for the purpose of rendering a diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan.

3. Tele-Education: the development of the process of distance education (regulated or unregulated), based on the use of information and telecommunication technologies, that make interactive, flexible and accessible learning possible for any potential recipient.

4. Remote patient monitoring: Uses special devices to remotely collect and send data to a monitoring station for interpretation. This could include checking vital signs, such as blood glucose or heart ECG. This is usually accomplished with specialty hardware devices and with integrated/fixed communications capabilities.